If you hold copyright for any content and believe someone has used it on our site without your permission, you can let us know. Please send us a written note about it. We follow DMCA rules for this.

How to Report a Copyright Issue

If you think your work was used in a way that is not allowed, you can file a DMCA complaint. This is the first step in a legal process. We will look at your complaint carefully to make sure it meets all the rules. If it does, we may remove or block access to the content you are complaining about.

What Happens After You File a Complaint

If we take down or block the content, we will try our best to tell the person who put it up. We will give them details about the take down or block.

Our Rights

Even if you send us a DMCA notice, we can choose not to act on it if it doesn’t meet all the DMCA requirements.