What Is the Elite Pass in Free Fire | How To Get | Benefits

In the world of Free Fire, the Elite Pass is one of the options that will take your Free Fire account to the next level and also give you a good gaming experience.

The Elite Pass in Free Fire is a seasonal pass that you can purchase to unlock exclusive rewards and content as you play the game. It works on a tier-based system where you earn points through completing daily and weekly missions. These points help you level up your pass and unlock rewards at different tiers.

Using Elite Pass, you will access exclusive rewards, skins, and special in-game items you may not get through regular gameplay. The Elite Pass makes the game more rewarding and keeps the community active and motivated to play regularly.

Elite Pass in Free Fire

How to Get the Elite Pass

You will get an Elite Pass using these simple steps

  1. Open Free Fire on your device.
  2. You will find the Elite Pass icon on the game’s home screen. Tap on it.
  3. You can buy the Elite Pass using the game’s currency, diamonds. If you don’t have enough diamonds, you have to top up first using real money through options like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or direct mobile billing.
  4. You can also collect Free Fire diamonds from our website.
  5. Now confirm your purchase and the Elite Pass will be activated on your account.

Benefits of the Elite Pass

The Elite Pass gives you many good benefits:

  • Exclusive Rewards: You get access to unique skins, costumes, and weapon designs that are only available to pass holders.
  • More Resources: You can earn more gold and diamonds as you complete pass challenges, which can be used for further purchases in-game.
  • Badge Recognition: It also displays a unique badge that showcases your Elite status in the game.
  • Special Missions: With the Elite Pass, you sometimes get special missions that are more interesting and rewarding.
  • It saves you money: If you play a lot, the Elite Pass is cheaper than buying items one by one. It gives you a lot of rewards at a lower cost.

How to Maximize the Benefits of the Elite Pass

To get the most benefits of Elite Pass, you should try these strategies:

  • Regular Play: Engage with the game daily to complete all available missions and challenges that contribute to your pass points.
  • Plan Your Missions: Look at the weekly missions ahead of time and plan your play sessions around completing these tasks efficiently.
  • Team Up: Play with friends or regular teammates to complete the challenges easily and quickly.
  • Focus on Performance: Try to focus more on gameplay and keep improving your performance in the game.

How to Get a Free Elite Pass in Free Fire

You cannot get the free Elite Pass directly through regular gameplay as it is a paid feature. However, there are some indirect methods that you can try one by one:

  1. Participate in Events: Garena ( developer of Free Fire), usually hosts events where you can win an Elite Pass as a prize. You can stay active on the official Free Fire social media channels, YouTube, and other gaming communities to know about such events.
  2. Giveaways: Some content creators or community groups also hold giveaways that include Elite Passes as prizes. You can participate in these giveaways to get a chance to win an Elite Pass.
  3. Earn Free Diamonds: Since you can buy the Elite Pass using diamonds also, you can indirectly try to collect free diamonds through. Many platforms give free diamonds for completing surveys, watching ads or playing games. Once you have accumulated enough diamonds, you can use them to buy the Elite Pass.
  4. Redemption Codes: Sometimes, Free Fire also distribute redemption codes that can include a variety of rewards including an Elite Pass and Diamonds. You might get these codes during streams, on social media, or through partnerships.
  5. Free Fire Advance Server: If you join the FF advance server, find the bugs or glitches and report it to the Fre FIre developer, you will get a very good amount of Free Fire Diamonds. You can use these diamonds to get the Elite Pass. Here I have explained the steps to join the FF Advance Server

Joining the Free Fire Advance Server

Here’s how you can join the Free Fire Advance Server:

  1. Go to the Free Fire Advance Server website. You can find the link through the official Free Fire website or their social media channels.
  2. You will need to register using your Free Fire account and provide details such as your email or mobile number. You can also use your Facebook account.
  3. You will get a Free Fire activation key. Note that space is limited, so not everyone who applies will get access.
  4. Once registered, if selected, you will receive a link to download the Advance Server APK. Install this APK on your Android device.
  5. While playing on the Advance Server, your role will be to test new features and report any bugs or issues.
  6. Keep an eye on the expiration of the Advance Server period, as these servers are only open for testing for a limited time before a new update goes live.


I have shared all the real possible tricks that will help you to get the free elite pass. If you know of any other such method please let me know. I will include that method on this page so that players in our gaming community can also know. One last thing I want to say is that you should try to enjoy the benefits of Elite Pass at least once in your life.

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