All Free Fire Vehicles | Where To Find Them In The Game

In the action-packed world of Free Fire, you will find that the Free Fire vehicles are an important part of the game. These vehicles are not just a means of transportation, they are also important for quick mobility and give many strategic gameplay options.

Quick mobility means you get the ability to traverse large areas of the map very fast. You can even use these vehicles to escape the danger zone, reposition yourself for tactical advantages, or do surprise attacks on your opponents.

Free Fire Vehicles – Where To Find Them In Game

Types of Vehicles in Free Fire

In Free Fire, you will find all of these vehicles given below. Each vehicle has its unique features:

  • Jeep (Monster Truck): This vehicle is suitable for rough terrains. Its durability makes it perfect for team escapes or moving through crowded areas. There is also a truck called Pickup Truck
  • Motorcycle: These vehicles are Fast and agile. These are also best for quick escapes and going through narrow spaces. Solo players prefer motorcycles to travel inside the game. For example, Amphibious Motorcycle
  • Sports Car: This vehicle is the fastest in the game and is suitable for rapid movements across the map, but remember these cars produce loud noise and this will help the enemies to spot the card easily.
  • Tuk-Tuk (Auto Rickshaw): It offers moderate protection and can be used for stealthier movement in urban areas. It’s slower but good for short distances.

Where to Find Free Fire Vehicles

How to Find Free Fire Vehicles

You can find the vehicles in Free Fire near major landmarks, roads, and garages across the maps. Here are some tips for locating vehicles on different maps:

  • Bermuda: Check around Kota Tua and Mars Electric for reliable vehicle spawns. The roads connecting major areas like Peak and Pochinok also contain vehicles.
  • Purgatory: Look near central areas and major roads, such as Brasilia and Central. These places generally have at least one vehicle.
  • Kalahari: Vehicles are commonly found at the edges of the map, like Stone.

Bermuda Map

  • Militia: This area has jeeps parked in the compound.
  • Shipyard: Look around the warehouses; vehicles are parked outside.
  • Sentosa: Check near the bridge and inside the town area for various vehicles.

Purgatory Map

  • Forge: Vehicles are located near the main road.
  • Mount Villa: Check around the central plaza and the roads connecting in and out of the villa.
  • Crossroads: It is a common vehicle spawn point.

Kalahari Map

  • The Council: A known spot for vehicles that are found at the entrance.
  • Refinery: Vehicles are parked at the outer edges of the refinery.
  • Bayfront: You can find a couple of vehicles parked near the docks.

Tips for Locating Vehicles

  • Check Main Roads: Vehicles are present more along main roads and at crossroads within the maps.
  • Look in Covered Areas: Garages, covered parking spots, and nearby buildings are also common places for vehicle spawns.
  • Be Early: If you find the vehicle’s location before others at the beginning of the game then the chances of your ride being safe increases.
  • Keep checking the FF Advance Server to check new vehicles or vehicle skins.

Challenges and Considerations

You have to understand that using vehicles in Free Fire comes with its set of challenges and risks:

  • Attracting Attention: The noise from vehicles can easily alert nearby players to your location.
  • Vulnerability: When you are in a vehicle, you can’t use your weapons and this makes you vulnerable to attacks, especially from snipers or groups.
  • Fuel Limitation: Vehicles have limited fuel, so long trips or idle usage can leave you stranded.

To deal with these risks, you can consider these strategies:

  • Plan Your Route: Choose paths that have less player traffic. Use the natural landscapes for cover as you travel.
  • Quick Transitions: Try to limit the time you spend in a vehicle. Use it mainly to reach strategic points or escape tight situations.
  • Coordination: If you are playing in teams, coordinate with your teammates to provide cover fire when moving in a vehicle or use multiple vehicles to reduce the risk to any single member.


You will find that using vehicles in Free Fire with a property strategy gives you an advantage in winning the match. However, you need to the proper location to find the vehicles as soon as you land in the game. I hope you have gotten an overall idea about the Free Fire vehicles and where to find them in the game.

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