How To Create A Guild In Free Fire?

In the Free Fire game, you can join a group called a guild. A guild has many players who come together to play as one team. Being part of a guild means you will feel part of a community in the game. You can invite your friends or other players to join your guild. The game becomes more enjoyable if you play the games with a guild.

How To Create A Guild In Free Fire?

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Guild

Step 1: Open the Game and Go to the Guild Area

  • First, open the Free Fire game app on your device.
  • On the home screen, you will see different icons.
  • Look for the icon named “Guild“.
  • The current version of Free Fire has this option at the bottom or in the side menu.
  • Tap on this “Guild” icon to enter that section.

Step 2: Tap “Create Guild” Option

  • Once inside the guild area, you will find an option saying “Create Guild“.
  • Tap on this button.
  • A new screen will open where you can start setting up your new guild.

Step 3: Choose the Guild Name and Logo

  • Now you must pick a name for your new guild.
  • Make it unique and easy to remember.
  • You also need to select an icon or logo representing your guild.
  • This logo will be visible to all members and others.

Step 4: Set Entry Rules and Requirements

  • Next, decide what type of players can join your guild.
  • You should set rules like their level, rank, or any other things you need.
  • Also, make some basic rules that members must follow.

Step 5: Review and Create a Guild

  • Now, tap the “Create” button.
  • And just like that, your brand new guild is created.
  • You can now start inviting people to join it.

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Benefits of Having a Guild

Teamwork and Planning

When you play a game in a guild, you learn to work together as a team. You keep playing with the same set of players. This allows you and your team to improve strategies over time. Good teamwork increases your chances of winning more matches. Your team can plan moves and support each other in battles.

Rewards and Achievements

Guilds give you special rewards and achievements. You earn guild points by completing missions and taking part in events. These points help you unlock exclusive items as rewards. Guilds also have leaderboards ranking them. As your guild moves up, you feel a sense of achievement.

Meeting New People

Joining a guild allows you to meet and make new friends. You can chat with your guild members and share tips. You can help each other become better players. This social interaction with others makes the game more enjoyable. It creates a nice community feeling.

Guild Events and Tournaments

Guilds and teams take part in special events and tournaments. These give you options to earn more rewards. You can also show off your skills when competing. Such guild events add more excitement and thrill to the game.

How To Manage Your New Guild

Invite Members to Join

Once the guild is created, start inviting players to join your guild. Send requests to friends or accept join requests from others.

Give Roles and Responsibilities

In your guild, give roles to members with different duties. The leader of the guild manages the whole guild, co-leaders assist them, while regular members take part in activities.

Keep Guild Active

You should ask all members to participate actively and regularly. Take part in guild events, and missions and work towards common goals together. This keeps things lively and fun.


By now, you might have known how simple and useful it is to set up your own guild in Free Fire. Follow the steps to create it, then invite and manage members properly. Being part of an active guild smoothens your overall gaming experience, skills, and social bonds. So start your new guild today and enjoy the Free Fire game with your guild friends.

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