How To Find And Report Bugs In Free Fire Advance Server?

The Free Fire Advance Server is a special place where you can access new game updates before others or the general public. This server allows you to test new modes, weapons, and features of the popular Free Fire mobile game before its official release. By joining Advance Server, you get to experience the latest content first and share your feedback.

Find bugs in FF advance server

Reporting Bugs is Important

Reporting bugs you find plays a very important role in game development. When you identify and report any bugs, it helps the developers fix those issues before the final updates are released. This process ensures a smooth gaming experience for everyone after release. By actively reporting bugs, you contribute to improving the game and also earn rewards like diamonds.

You Become Part of Development

By participating in the Free Fire Advance Server, you become an important part of the game’s development process. This creates a better and more exciting gaming environment for all Free Fire players. You get to test new things first and share valuable feedback based on your experience.

Becoming a Beta Tester

To join the Free Fire Advance Server beta testing program, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official Free Fire Advance Server website.
  • Select the option to log in via Facebook or Google.
  • Complete the required details, including your name, email address, and Free Fire UID.
  • Submit the form.
  • After submitting your application, wait for approval from the developers.
  • If approved, you will receive an activation code.
  • Once approved, you can download the Advance Server APK from the website.
  • Install the APK on your Android device.
  • Open the installed APK and log in using your Facebook or Google account.
  • Enter the activation code provided to access the Advance Server.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have an active Free Fire account to participate.
  • The Advance Server APK is only available for Android devices.
  • Please note that not all applicants are selected. The developers choose a limited number of players for beta testing based on various criteria.

Importance and Benefits of Joining the Beta Program

  • Early Access to New Features: As a beta tester, you get to experience new game modes, weapons, and other features before they are officially released.
  • Contribute to Game Improvement: By reporting bugs and providing suggestions, you help the developers improve the game.
  • Earn Rewards: Players who report bugs can earn rewards such as diamonds.
  • Skill Enhancement: Exploring new features and reporting bugs helps you develop a deeper understanding of the game mechanics.
  • Community Engagement: Joining the beta program allows you to connect with other players and developers.

Tips to Identify Bugs During Gameplay

  • Test Different Modes:
    • Play all game modes, including new ones, to find bugs. You may find new issues in every mode.
    • Check missions, objectives, and special features of every mode carefully.
  • Explore All Map Areas:
    • Visit all areas on the map, even less traveled ones. Bugs can hide in corners or remote paths.
    • Pay attention to map transitions, object interactions, buildings, and terrains.
  • Check Weapons Properly:
    • Test different weapons and how they work with the environment and enemies.
    • Check for issues in shooting, reloading, and damage.
    • Join in combats to observe any weapon behavior problems.
  • Document Bugs Properly:
    • When you find a bug, take clear screenshots or videos.
    • Note down exact conditions like mode, location, and your actions.
    • Visual proof helps developers understand and fix issues.

How to Report Bugs

  • Open FF Advance Server App that you downloaded from the website.
  • Play the game and identify any bugs you encounter.
  • Capture screenshots/videos of the bug.
  • Go to the official Free Fire Advance Server website.
  • Find and go to the “Report a Bug” section.
  • Describe the bug in detail – mode, location, actions, etc.
  • Enter your game ID, phone model, and OS version.
  • Attach screenshots/videos of the bug.
  • Recheck the details and then submit the form.

Earning Rewards

  • You can earn diamonds (in-game currency) for reporting bugs.
  • These rewards can range from 1000 to 3000 diamonds. It depends on bug severity.
  • You may get special rewards for the first reports of new/critical bugs.

To Maximize Rewards:

  • Provide detailed and accurate information in reports.
  • Report unique bugs that are not commonly found.
  • Include clear visual evidence like screenshots/videos.

Stay Engaged with Community

  • Collaborate with other testers to share findings and verify bugs.
  • Participate in forums and groups to give feedback.
  • Post your bug findings on official forums/groups.
  • Discuss common issues and solutions with others.

In the End

Reporting bugs in the Free Fire Advance Server is very important to improve the overall gaming experience. When you identify and report bugs, you help the developers fix those issues before they affect all players.

I must say, you should join the Free Fire Advance Server beta testing program. By participating, you not only get to access and test new game content before others, but you also contribute towards continuously improving the game.

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