How To Top Up In Free Fire For Free Without Money

If you are an active member of Free Fire World, you might have heard about “topping up” your account. This is the process of adding diamonds, which are the game’s premium currency, to your profile. These diamonds are used to buy all kinds of cool in-game items, like exclusive skins, characters, and other upgrades.

Now, a lot of players out there, yourself included maybe, are looking for ways to top up their accounts without spending any actual money. There can be many reasons for this, perhaps you want to stay within a certain budget, as spending real money on games isn’t always possible for everyone.

Or maybe you see it as a challenge to progress in the game because of your lack of gaming skills or any similar factors. You may even find it more satisfying to earn those valuable diamonds through alternative means.

It is definitely exciting to find the non-monetary methods to get these diamonds. So if you are curious to know about such options, you are certainly not alone. Let me know if you have any other thoughts.

How to top up diamonds in Free Fire

Understanding Free Fire Currency

In the world of Free Fire, the main currency you will be using to buy in-game items is called “diamonds.” These are the game’s premium currency, and you will need them to purchase all sorts of exclusive items like weapons, character skins, special emotes, and unique accessories. While these don’t give you any competitive edge, they help you design your character and make it more appealing.

Apart from diamonds, Free Fire also has another form of in-game currency called gold. Now, you can earn gold just by playing the game regularly. You have to do simple things like completing matches and missions. Gold may not be as versatile or valuable as diamonds, but you can still use it to buy a range of items.

Legitimate Ways to Earn Free Diamonds

There are several legitimate ways for you to earn free diamonds:

In-game Events
For starters, Free Fire frequently hosts special in-game events that allow you to earn diamonds or other valuable items. These events are quite simple like completing specific challenges, participating in community missions, or achieving certain milestones within a set period. The events are often themed around holidays, major updates, or cool promotional partnerships.

Contests and Giveaways
Another great way to earn free diamonds is by participating in contests and giveaways organized by both Garena and the Free Fire community. These can range from social media contests where you might need to share your game highlights, to in-game tournaments with diamond rewards for the top players. Not only do these events foster a great sense of community, but they also give you the chance to win some premium currency without spending a dime.

Google Opinion Rewards
You can also try using the Google Opinion Rewards app on your mobile device. This handy little app lets you earn Google Play credits by simply answering quick surveys. Then you can use those credits to directly purchase diamonds in Free Fire. It’s a direct way to earn some extra premium currency just by sharing your opinions on various topics.

Booyah! App
And let’s not forget about the Booyah! App – Garena’s dedicated platform for gamers like yourself. By using the Booyah! App, you can sometimes earn diamonds through special challenges and promotions available exclusively to Booyah! users.

Add free Google Play And Amazon Pay Balance: Many websites and Telegram channels give free Google Play Gift Cards and Free Amazon Pay gift cards. You can add the wallet balance using these gift cards. And then use this wallet balance to top-up the Free Fire Diamonds.

Join FF Advance Server: You can join FF Advance Server, enjoy the new features, find the bugs in the new improvements and report these bugs to the Free Fire Team. If they find that you have reported legitimate bugs, you will be rewarded with Free Fire Diamonds.

Utilizing Reward Websites and Apps

For you Free Fire players there, who are looking to earn some diamonds without direct purchases, there are several legitimate reward websites and apps that can help you out. Let’s take a look at a few trustworthy platforms where you can do activities like completing surveys, watching ads, or doing small tasks to earn rewards that you can then redeem for Free Fire currency.

Swagbucks is a super popular rewards platform where you can earn points, called SB, for all kinds of activities – taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. Then you can exchange those SB points for gift cards or PayPal cash, which you can then use to purchase diamonds in Free Fire.

Another great option is FeaturePoints, which allows you to earn points by completing surveys, downloading and trying out new apps, and even shopping online. You can then redeem those points for Google Play credits or PayPal cash, giving you another way to get your hands on some extra diamonds.

Mistplay rewards you for playing new games, and as you accumulate points in the app, you can redeem them for gift cards, including Google Play and then top up the diamonds using the Play Store wallet.

There are many such apps available on the internet and Play Store which you should try one by one. But remember that when you are exploring these types of platforms to earn Free Fire currency, it is extremely important that you remain alert to potential scams. Here are some tips to help you recognize and avoid them:

  • Verify the Source
  • Never Share Personal Info
  • Make sure you are clear on exactly what you’re signing up for.
  • Apps that have official partnerships with Free Fire or Garena are more likely to be on the up and up.

Exchange and Barter Systems

Now, within the Free Fire community, you will also come across some informal exchange or barter systems where players trade items or services for diamonds. These could include:

  • Item Trades: Players might agree to trade in-game items like skins or characters in exchange for diamonds.
  • Services: Some players even offer services like coaching sessions, game strategy planning, or team leadership in exchange for diamonds.

Just remember, though, that any exchange or barter system you participate in needs to strictly adhere to Free Fire’s terms of service.


In summary, as a Free Fire player, you have learnt many free ways to top up your account without having to spend any money. You should explore these different methods responsibly and ethically. That way, you can enjoy all of Free Fire’s premium features while still staying within the game’s community. If you know any more methods to get Free Diamonds without spending money, then please let us know in the comment box.

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