What Is Elite Pass In Free Fire | How To Get it?

The Elite Pass is a premium feature in Free Fire. When you buy the Elite Pass, you can unlock special missions and challenges. By completing these, you get valuable in-game items as rewards. These items include unique skins, outfits, emotes, and other cosmetic things that regular players cannot get.

The Elite Pass is important because it makes the game more exciting and motivates players. Players feel encouraged to complete missions and challenges to earn rewards. This makes the gameplay more engaging. Also, the exclusive items and benefits of the Elite Pass help players stand out and customize their in-game characters. This not only makes the game look better but also gives players a sense of achievement and progress.

By offering exclusive rewards and enhancing the overall gameplay, the Elite Pass has become a highly desired feature among Free Fire players. It adds value to the game and keeps players motivated to keep playing and completing challenges.

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What is elite pass in Free Fire

What Is the Elite Pass?

The Elite Pass in Free Fire is a special subscription that you can buy. When you have this pass, you get exclusive rewards and benefits. It allows you to unlock special missions in the game. By completing these missions, you earn unique items. The Elite Pass has a reward system that gives you various things in the game. It is made to make the gameplay more exciting by giving more challenges and better rewards than the free pass.

Benefits of Having the Elite Pass

If you have the Elite Pass, you get several benefits:

  • Exclusive Rewards and Items: Players with the Elite Pass receive unique skins, outfits, emotes, and other special items that free users cannot get.
  • Special Missions and Challenges: The Elite Pass unlocks additional missions and challenges that give higher rewards.
  • More Rewards: You earn more rewards per mission, and you can unlock additional reward levels as you progress through the Elite Pass.

Types of Passes Available

In Free Fire, you can get two types of passes:

  1. Elite Pass: This is the standard premium pass that gives you access to exclusive rewards and missions.
  2. Elite Bundle: This is a more expensive option that includes all the benefits of the Elite Pass plus additional rewards and instant unlocks. It is good for players who want to get maximum rewards quickly.

How to Get the Elite Pass

Steps to Purchase the Elite Pass

  1. Open the Free Fire game.
  2. Go to the Elite Pass section in the main menu.
  3. Choose either the Elite Pass or the Elite Bundle.
  4. Buy it using in-game currency (diamonds) or real money through the app store.

Cost of the Elite Pass

The cost of the Elite Pass varies in different regions and platforms. Usually, the Elite Pass costs around 499 diamonds, and the Elite Bundle costs around 999 diamonds. You can buy diamonds in the game using real money. There are a few ways to get the Elite Pass for free:

  • Events and Giveaways: Free Fire sometimes has events and giveaways where you can win an Elite Pass.
  • Guild Rewards: Some guilds give rewards like the Elite Pass to their members for participating in guild activities and events.
  • Special Promotions: You can check Free Fire’s official social media for promotions and contests that may offer the Elite Pass as a prize.

Missions and Challenges Only for Elite Pass Holders

Players with the Elite Pass have access to special missions and challenges that give higher rewards. These missions are more challenging and rewarding and give you a way to progress in the game.

Progression System and How It Works

The Elite Pass has a tier-based progression system. As you complete missions and challenges, you earn points that help you climb next level tiers. Each tier unlocks new rewards, including exclusive items and in-game currency.

Strategies to Complete Missions Quickly

  1. Focus on Daily Missions: Complete daily missions first as they give quick and easy rewards. Do missions that you can finish in one match.
  2. Team Up with Friends: You can play with friends to complete missions faster.
  3. Choose the Right Mode: Some missions are easier in specific game modes. For example, battle royale missions may be quicker in Clash Squad mode.
  4. Use Character Abilities: Select characters whose abilities help with the mission requirements. For example, use healing characters for health recovery missions.
  5. Plan Your Matches: Before starting, review missions and plan your strategy accordingly.

Best Ways to Earn Points and Rewards

  1. Complete Weekly Missions: Weekly missions offer higher points and better rewards. You should focus on these for faster progression.
  2. Participate in Events: Free Fire often has events with bonus points and exclusive rewards. You can join these to get the most from Elite Pass.
  3. Log In Daily: You should regularly log in to get additional rewards and points to help you progress faster.
  4. Purchase Elite Bundle: If possible, buy the Elite Bundle instead of the regular Pass. It gives more rewards to help progress faster.
  5. Use Double XP Cards: Use these cards in matches to earn more points and complete missions quickly.

Time Management for Daily and Weekly Tasks

  1. Set a Schedule: Fix times each day to complete daily missions.
  2. Prioritize Tasks: Focus on high-reward missions first.
  3. Break Down Weekly Missions: Divide weekly missions into smaller tasks and do a few each day to avoid last-minute rush.
  4. Use Reminders: Set reminders on your phone or use in-game notifications to track mission deadlines and events.


The Elite Pass in Free Fire offers many benefits like exclusive rewards, special missions, and a rewarding progression system. By following the tips, you can take the most benefits of your Elite Pass and enjoy better gameplay. The Pass not only boosts your game but also gives a sense of achievement as you progress through its tiers.

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