What Is Free Fire World Series (FFWS)? Winner Team

There is a big tournament in Free Fire called the Free Fire World Series (FFWS). It is one of the most important events for players. The best teams from all over the world take part in this tournament. They compete to become the champions.

The FFWS happens once every year. And millions of people watch it live online. In this tournament, you see intense gameplay among skilled players. All teams play several rounds. They get points based on how well they perform in each round of the game. At the end, the team with the highest total points becomes the winner.

The FFWS shows how talented and hardworking the players are. And it helps grow esports as a proper competitive sport. People can see how exciting it is to watch these games.

What Is Free Fire World Series

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What Is Free Fire World Series (FFWS)?

There is a big international tournament for mobile gaming. It is called the Free Fire World Series (FFWS). This tournament is organized by Garena, the company that created the Free Fire game. FFWS is one of the biggest events for Free Fire esports. The best teams from different parts of the world take part in it. They compete to become the world champions.

Explanation of FFWS

The FFWS is made to showcase the top Free Fire players globally. Teams that have done well in their regional tournaments get to take part. So it really tests a team’s skills and strategies. The tournament is very competitive. Teams play different rounds and the winner is decided at the end. Millions of people watch FFWS live online every year because the games are full of action and excitement.

Importance of FFWS in Gaming

The FFWS tournament is important for gamers for many important reasons:

  1. Recognition – Winning or even playing in FFWS is a big achievement. The players and teams get respect.
  2. Growth of Esports – FFWS helps grow esports. It brings in sponsors, media attention, and many viewers.
  3. Community – The tournament brings Free Fire players and fans together. It makes them feel part of one community.
  4. Skills – To compete at this high level, players have to improve their skills and strategies. It makes the overall gameplay better.

Format and Rules of FFWS

How the Tournament Works

The FFWS has several stages:

  1. Regional Qualifiers – Teams first compete in their own regions. Only the best teams move ahead.
  2. Group Stage – The qualified teams are put in groups. They play matches and earn points.
  3. Finals – The top teams from the groups go to the finals. They play in the finals and the winning team becomes the champion.

Teams, Rounds and Matches

  • Around 22 teams take part from different regions.
  • There are multiple rounds like group stages and finals.
  • In each round, teams play several matches.
  • They get points based on their position and the number of kills.


  • Points are given for their performances like their position in the tournaments and kills they made in the game.
  • There are strict rules against cheating and for fair play.
  • All matches use the standard game settings for consistency.

Qualifying for FFWS

How Teams Qualify

To take part in FFWS, teams must go through regional qualifiers. These qualifiers happen in Asia, Europe, the Americas, etc.

Selection Criteria

  • Teams have to perform very well in their regional tournaments.
  • Points are given for their performance in matches.
  • Only the top teams from each region qualify for the World Series.

This process ensures that the best Free Fire talent from around the world gets to compete in FFWS.

Past Winners of FFWS

Over the years, different teams have won the Free Fire World Series (FFWS). Here are the history of the FFWS winners:

  1. EVOS Esports (2019): A team from Indonesia called EVOS Esports won the first FFWS in 2019. They played very well as a team and made smart plans. Their victory started a new era for Free Fire esports.
  2. Phoenix Force (2021): In 2021, Phoenix Force from Thailand became champions. They coordinated perfectly and showed top skills. They made history with this big win.
  3. LOUD (2022): The 2022 FFWS was won by a Brazilian team called LOUD. Their aggressive style of play and clever tactics made them tough to beat.
  4. Team Aze (2023): Team Aze from Mexico was the winner in 2023. They performed consistently well and used smart strategies.

2024 FFWS Winner Team

The Current Year’s Winning Team

This year in 2024, an Indian team called Alpha Legends won the FFWS. They showed amazing skills and determination throughout the tournament. Their victory made all Indian Free Fire fans very proud.

Key Players and Roles

  1. Rohan “Blaze” Kumar: He is the team captain who makes the plans and strategies.
  2. Amit “Ace” Singh: Ace is their top shooter. His quick reflexes and accurate firing skills got them many kills.
  3. Priya “Phantom” Sharma: Phantom’s role is support. She protected teammates and healed them in tough battles.
  4. Vikram “Viper” Mehra: Viper is their sniper who took out distant enemies with precision shots.

How They Won

Alpha Legends used both aggressive and defensive tactics. They focused on controlling high ground and securing good loot areas. Their communication was excellent which helped them a lot.

Impact of the Win

For the Team and Players

  1. Recognition – They gain fame and respect from the gaming community.
  2. Sponsors – Victory will help them get sponsors and endorsement deals for financial support.
  3. Opportunities – Their win opens doors to play more tournaments and showcase skills.

For Gaming Community

The win by Alpha Legends inspires many aspiring gamers in India. It shows with hard work and dedication, success is possible even in the emerging gaming industry. This victory will also raise the competition level for upcoming new gamers. Other teams will now aim to match or beat the standards set by Alpha Legends. In short, it helped in the growth of Free Fire esports by attracting more players and viewers to the game.


The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is a very important event for Free Fire gaming. It brings the best teams from around the world. You get to see top-level gameplay and intense competition. FFWS not only gives the winner and other participants worldwide recognition but also promotes esports as a proper industry.

This year’s FFWS was special because of an Indian team called Alpha Legends. Their journey to become champions was full of hard work, skills, and smart planning.

Their big win brings Alpha Legends recognition. It also inspired many gamers in India and other countries. The impact will be seen in future tournaments.

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