Who Is The King Of Free Fire? Real ID – Status

The term “King of Free Fire” refers to a player who is exceptionally skilled and highly respected in the Free Fire community. This title is given to a player who has earned the top spot through his/her hard work, dedication, and next-level gaming skills.

Name of the King in Free Fire

Who Is The King Of Free Fire

The player recognized as the King of Free Fire in India is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar, known by his in-game name GT King or Gaming Tamizhan. He has gained this title by using his outstanding performance and contributions to the community.

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Achievements and Milestones

GT King has achieved many milestones in his Free Fire career. He has a popular YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and followers on other platforms. His gameplay videos, tutorials, and live streams have attracted a large audience. His consistent performance in the game, with high kills and numerous victories, has made him the King of Free Fire.

GT King’s Free Fire ID

GT King’s Free Fire ID is 287597612. He is the leader of the “GT Family” guild, which is also well-known in the community.

Current Status and Ranking

GT King is currently at level 78 in Free Fire. His guild, “GT Family,” has a glory of over 10 lakhs. His in-game stats are impressive, showcasing his skill and dedication.

Notable Stats

  • Solo: 678 games, 48 wins, 1452 kills, K/D 2.30
  • Duo: 1815 games, 163 wins, 3444 kills, K/D 2.08
  • Squad: 18317 games, 3654 wins, 52235 kills, K/D 3.56
  • Lifetime: 5107 games, 3441 wins, 26401 kills, K/D 2.33

Journey to Becoming King

Background and History

GT King, whose real name is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar, is from Tamil Nadu, India. He started his gaming journey by creating a YouTube channel named Gaming Tamizhan in January 2019. His passion for Free Fire and his skill to entertain his audience has quickly earned him a large following.

Key Moments and Turning Points

One key moment was the rapid growth of his YouTube channel. His interesting content and high-level gameplay attracted millions of subscribers. His participation in tournaments and events further showcased his skills and helped him to gain recognition as a top player.

Strategies and Skills

GT King’s success is due to his strategic gameplay, quick decision-making, and ability to adapt to situations. He shares tips and tricks with his audience. His consistency and dedication made him popular in his community.

Impact on Free Fire Community

Influence on Players and Community

GT King has a huge influence on the Free Fire community. His YouTube channel and social media inspire many players to improve their gameplay. He also interacts with his fans and this practice creates a strong bond with his audience. His success story motivates aspiring gamers also.

Contributions to Game’s Popularity

By producing high-quality content and participating in events, GT King has contributed to Free Fire’s growing popularity in India. His tutorials and live streams provide valuable benefits for players. His presence has played an important role in attracting new players.

Participation in Events and Tournaments

GT King actively participates in various Free Fire events and tournaments. His participation adds an extra level of excitement to the game. His performances in these events are eagerly awaited by his huge fans and followers.


GT King, or Ravinchandra Vigneshwar, is widely recognized as the King of Free Fire in India. His achievements, exceptional skills, and great influence on the community have earned him this title. His journey from a passionate gamer to a top player and content creator is inspiring for many Free Fire players. GT King’s impact on the Free Fire community and his contributions to the game’s popularity make him a true king in the world of Free Fire.

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