Free Fire Advance Server OB45 APK Download 2024

Hello Free Fire players, we hope you are enjoying your Free Fire game. The FF Advance Server season has arrived.

And you must be eagerly waiting for the Free Fire Advance Server OB45.

So let us tell you that we have got good news for those who want the advance server APK or those who didn’t get the advance server APK and activation code.

This page is the solution to all the problems related to it.

The webpage not only gives you the Advance server APK file with the FF activation codes but also shares Free Fire redeem codes and Google Play redeem codes for you as a bonus.

So on this page, you will get the following help from us:

  • News related to Free Fire Advance Server
  • Expected release date of upcoming FF Advance Server
  • Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code
  • Free Fire Redeem Code
  • Free Google Play Redeem Code
  • Answers to the questions related to the Advance Server

About Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server is a special or dedicated APK which is not available on Playstore or not everyone can get access to it.

It is provided by the game’s developer to only a few selected players to test new game features, styles, character skins, game weapons, etc. before they are officially released to everyone.

To get the access to FF advance server, its APK file and its activation code, you first need to apply for that by visiting the official Free Fire Garena page.

Also remember not everybody gets the option to download the APK.

Free Fire Features

And that is why we have created this website so that everybody can get the APK file and enjoy the Advance server.

However, the benefit here is that, if you get the Advanced Server, you get a chance to learn and experience all the new features coming in the upcoming updates of Free Fire.

Not only this, if you find any bug in the new features of the game, you will also get Free Fire Diamonds as a reward. But you will be rewarded only if the bugs you discover are found to be genuine.

Role of FF Advance Server in the Free Fire Ecosystem

Role of FF advance server

The Advance Server helps the developers in improving the features in Free Fire. It acts as a testing ground for developers. With player feedback, they can fix any bugs or issues and further ensure that new updates work smoothly for all players.

As we said, when you get the FF Advance Server, you get an exclusive chance to explore new content before anyone else. And this also mutually benefits both you and the developers.

Because this advance server also gives you the option to report bugs and share your thoughts. In return, the developers receive direct input from active players like you. And in return, you get Free Fire diamonds as a reward.

Pros and Cons of Free Fire Advance Server:

Pros and Cons of Free Fire Advance Server

Pros of Advance ServerCons of Advance Server
You get Early Access to New Features before anyone else.Test servers often have glitches and bugs that will affect gameplay.
Your feedback and bug detection can bring changes to the gameNot all interested players get to join due to limited spots.
For reporting bugs and giving feedback, you can earn unique rewards not available to others.Your bug reporting may not be found genuine.
Being part of the Advance Server can be a status symbol within the Free Fire Community

Why People Should and Like to Join the Advance Server

Benefits of FF advance server

  • Early Access: Players enjoy being the first to experience new updates and features.
  • Feedback Impact: The gaming company values the opportunity to influence the game’s development with their feedback.
  • Exclusive Rewards: The chance to earn unique rewards that aren’t available to the general player base is appealing.
  • Community Status: Being part of the Advance Server is seen as prestigious within the Free Fire community.
  • Competitive Edge: If you learn about new features early, you get a competitive advantage in the main game.

Who Should Not Join the Advance Server

Join Advance Server

  • Beginners: New players who are still learning the basics of Free Fire will find the Advance Server complex. I will also degrade the gaming experience due to the presence of bugs and unfinished features.
  • Players Seeking Stability: Those who prefer a bug-free and stable gaming experience will get frustrated with the frequent glitches on the test servers.
  • Players with Limited Time: If you don’t have much time to dedicate to finding detailed feedback or bug reporting (which is the main purpose of the Advance Server), it is not worth downloading the Advance Server APK.

Rewards for Participating in the Advance Server

  • In-Game Currency: Participants may receive diamonds or other in-game currencies as rewards.
  • Exclusive Items: Rare skins, characters, and other exclusive items can be rewarded for valuable feedback.
  • Get views on Youtube: Some players who have a good fan base in the gaming community (For eg, if they have a YouTube channel), then they get good views from YouTube subscribers.

Requirements to Join the FF Advance Server

  • Players must register on the Free Fire official website. to get direct access
  • Your device must meet the minimum specifications to run the Advance Server smoothly.
  • A Free Fire Account
  • An active Gmail
  • You should have a willingness to actively test features and report bugs.
FF advance Server

What If You Can’t Access the Advance Server?

  • Follow Free Fire’s social media and community forums to stay informed about future openings.
  • Many popular streamers showcase Advance Server gameplay, and you can see new features indirectly.
  • Visit our website to get what you want related to the Free Fire Advance Server

Safety and Security on the Advance Server

FF Advance Server powers

  • Regular Updates: The server receives updates to address security vulnerabilities.
  • Data Protection: Garena takes measures to protect player data, even on the test server.
  • Community Watch: Players are encouraged to report any security concerns (if they encounter any).

Addressing Safety and Security Concerns

  • Transparency: Garena clearly communicates about what data is collected and how it is used.
  • Support: A dedicated support team is available to address security-related concerns from players.
  • Feedback Loop: Security feedback from players is taken seriously to improve safeguards.
Rewards for Participating in the Advance Server

Availability on Different Platforms

  • Android: The Advance Server is primarily available on Android where the players need to download an APK file from the official site.
  • iOS and Desktop: Availability is more limited or requires specific steps. This is due to the closed ecosystem of iOS and the varying specifications of desktop computers. However, you can use emulators like Bluestack.

How to register and login

Here are the steps to register, log in, download and use the Free Fire Advance Server:

register and login

  1. Go to the official Free Fire game website.
  2. Log in using Google or Facebook on the FF Advance Server site.
  3. After logging in, fill in the registration form with an active email.
  4. After that, you will see a Free Fire Dvance Server Activation Code.
  5. If the activation code doesn’t appear, reload the page 2-3 times.
  6. Now carefully save the activation code, because you will need it in future
  7. Complete registration and download the Server OBB files (about 700-800MB).
  8. Now download the APK file and install it.
  9. Before that Enable “Install from unknown sources” on your device, install the file, and enter the activation code to get full access.

If you don’t see the download button, or option to register for the Advance server, you can change the Server by using any good VPN. In my case, I change to an Indonesian server whenever I face any issues.

Who can get access?

You should know that not everyone gets access to the Free Fire Advance Server. Only a limited number of players can join it. These are usually the players who register first when the Advance Server opens.

The developers also have some criteria that players need to meet to get access. However, there are not any exact criteria given by the developers for the selection.

Only selected players will get the activation code and Advance Server APK and OBB files.

get advance server access

NOTE: Do not share this activation code with anyone. This code is given to you personally and if you share this code with anyone then he will try to enter the advance server, and you will not be able to access the latest FF advance server.

So if you want to try out the latest Free Fire content before anyone else, you need to be active when registrations open for the Advance Server. You can bookmark our website and visit the website regularly to get all the latest updates.

How will you know that you have access?

New characters in advance server

When you are selected to get access to the Free Fire Advance Server, you will receive an email notification about it. You will also see the Activation Code that you need to log in to use the Advance Server.

Apart from this code, you will also get access to download the Advance Server’s APK file from the official Free Fire Advance Server website. But you can only do this after you have successfully registered and been granted access by the developers.

FAQs on Advance Server

How can I download the Free Fire Advance Server application?

The Advance Server APK is available to download during a 10-14 day window after its launch. After this period, downloads are closed.

What is the official website for the Free Fire Advance Server?

The official website is

Is the Free Fire Advance Server open to everyone?

Yes, the Advance Server is accessible to all Free Fire users. The registration process is open for 10 days after its launch, and an activation code is required for access.

What does an activation code do in the Free Fire Advance Server?

An activation code grants you access to the Advance Server application and is unique for each account holder.

What are the benefits of using the Free Fire Advance Server?

You can enjoy many benefits, you will get Diamonds in your ID for reporting bugs in the Advance Server.

Can I participate in the Free Fire Advance Server from any country?

While the Advance Server is accessible to users worldwide, updates are often released first on Indonesian servers. And players from other regions need to use a VPN set to Indonesia to participate.

Is there a specific device requirement to access the Free Fire Advance Server?

Generally, your device should meet the minimum requirements for running the standard version of Free Fire. However, since the Advance Server sometimes have unoptimized features, it is better to use a device with higher specifications to get a better experience.

What happens to my progress on the Advance Server?

Whatever progress you made on the Advance Server does not transfer to the main game. The server is only for testing, and all data is reset after the testing phase ends.

How often does the Free Fire Advance Server open for registrations?

The Advance Server opens for registration shortly before major game updates.

Are there any risks to my main Free Fire account if I participate in the Advance Server?

No there is no risk to your main account. It’s a separate game designed for testing purposes. However, if you find a genuine bug, then your reward will be added to your main account.